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Salom Cosmic Soul,My name is Dimitra, a lover of mystical pathways, the Gene Keys, Gurjieff teachings, the Seven Sacred Seals and the Hermetic Principles.Both my candle craft & Cosmic Sanctum were birthed out of my love for handcrafted ceremonial tools.The art of my candle craft is inspired by spirit and the teachings I journey.I run a stall at Markets at Glebe every Saturday. Come and say hi if you are in the area.


Dimitra Tzanos founder of Cosmic Sanctum

My Offerings

Ceremonial candles

I create sustainable, no-waste, organic, tailor made ceremonial candles from Australian grown ingredients and I offer Palo Santo, Tibetan Incense and smudge sticks from ethical suppliers committed to air wages and empowerment of the local craftspeople who supply these items.


I also derive great joy from providing recommendations for how best to use these items for any type of ceremony.

Ceremonial Kits

These creations comprise of layers of different materials, such as paint, cloth, crystals etc.

It is a slow creative process as they need time to set between layers.

The actual candle making is carried out in a ceremonial way invoking healing energies as well as by using the sound vibration of music.
Ceremonial kit


Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Oracle Reading

Unlock insights with a brief oracle card reading.  

Buddha Statue

White Tara Healing

Restore balance, ignite well-being, and embrace transformative wellness

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Paying respect to Mother Earth

I am passionate about providing the best quality, sustainable & ethically sourced ceremonial tools. I believe in supporting artisans and our indigenous tribes.


I believe that the power of community is essential in creating positive change. I am proud to have a community of people who are dedicated to serving others and sharing their unique gifts with the world. Whether you are in need of healing, art, or spiritual guidance, our community has something special to offer.

I invite you to explore the services and offerings of our community members and discover the transformative power of their work.

Cosmic Sanctum's community
Cosmic Sanctum's community
Cosmic Sanctum's community

Meet Sophy, a dynamic and gifted individual who embodies a unique combination of qualifications and talents.

With a diploma in Integrative Healing Arts Therapy, Sophy possesses the knowledge and expertise to facilitate holistic healing experiences.

Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being, Sophy's integrative approach ensures a comprehensive and transformative journey for her clients

My name is Presence and my current heart’s vision is to use my life to build a world where soul gifts generously shared and openly received leads to thriving for all beings. I’m currently living a wild experiment guided by the question “ How do I fall so deep into trust and surrender that I always give without expectation of return, and know to the deepest levels of self that I am worthy to receive?”

Our true nature is divine, aware and conscious. We are here to remember this!
Through the body,breath and movement we can become aware and transcend the conceptual mind relieving stress, negativity and fear.

Emma finds deep love, honour and joy in working with her intuition and unseen light realms ,integrating her skills and passions of Yoga, meditation, breath, reiki and psychotherapy as offerings to bring presence through both stillness and movement.

Through this presence , we may open and create spaciousness ,acceptance and align with our authentic, true self, remembering there is no one to be but yourself

Acknowledgment of Country

I would like to acknowledge that I live on Gadigal land, and pay my respect to the Elders part, present and emerging

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