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Agua Sacral a very powerful and deeply sacred product.


It is stronger in energy than the Peruvian Florida Water and has an intense, intricate scent. It contains a special blend of 10 pure essential oils including Palo Santo oil, alcohol of natural South American origin and lots of other (secret) ingredients.


Combining this with an alchemistic and special way of blending the water, creates a magical product that is unique and one of a kind.


The Legend of Agua Sacral 

The origin of Agua Sacral goes back far before our modern times. The legend begins in Aztlán, the mysterious island with seven caves. Here a boy named Plata finds a small jar containing a violet colored liquid. Plata opens the jar and smells an enchanting scent he has never experienced before. Suddenly he once again remembers who he truly is and where he comes from. Beautiful images flow through his body and mind.

Each and every time he uses this magical water gigantic powers emerge in him, which he cannot explain. Plata grows up and becomes a man. At important moments in his life he uses the liquid from the jar. When he is an old man he passes the jar on to his son. Strangely enough it still contains the same amount of liquid as on the very day he found it.

This is repeated for seven generations. The seventh son from the lineage of Plata lives in the Persian Empire and is the first one to replicate the formula and recipe through alchemical techniques. He names the water Agua Sacral. The recipe remains a secret and is passed on from father to son.

The original jar has never been found


How to use: 

Energetic protection of any space

Activation of high frequencies

During ritual and ceremonies to clear the ceremonial space


Warning: Not to be digested. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

Agua Sacral-Ceremonial Water

PriceFrom $25.00
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