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Welcome to the world of exotic fragrances with our premium Brazilian Breuzinho Resin Incense Sticks!


Hand-rolled by Brazilian artisans using a traditional Incan incense making technique, these sticks are infused with foraged herbs, spices, and natural aromatic oils.


The “Mother Nature” fragrance is a tribute to Mother Earth, a representation of the many aspects of creation, and a call to reconnect with nature.


Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with these beautiful incense sticks.


Size: 12-14cm (long)- they are also very thick (approximately 1cm).


Burn Time: 120 minutes approximately


Ingredients: Black charcoal, breu resin, frankincense, coarse salt, cinnamon, cherry, myrrh, estoraque, benzoin & cabreuva.

Mother Nature-Incan Incense

PriceFrom $5.50
  • If you wish to order a bundle and mix and match scents then use this link by clicking here.

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