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Our Myrrh-Incan Incense Sticks are the perfect choice for those seeking to add a spiritual element to their practice.


These premium Brazilian Breuzinho Incense Sticks are hand-rolled by Brazilian artisans using a traditional Incan incense-making technique, and are infused with the ancient resin of Myrrh.


They have a deep, smoky ritual scent and are known for their spiritual properties. Myrrh was revered by the Ancient Egyptians and is still heavily used in Christian rites.


In spiritual rituals, Myrrh is used to heal grief and bring balance to the soul.


Size: 12-14cm (long)- they are also very thick (approximately 1cm)


Burn Time: 120 minutes approximately

Myrrh-Incan Incense

PriceFrom $5.50
  • If you wish to mix and match scents then click here.

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