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Experience the power of Incan heritage with our premium Incan Incense Sticks infused with White Sage oil.


Our sticks are hand rolled by Brazilian artisans, using a traditional Incan incense making technique, creating a unique and powerful aroma.


The word Sage in English comes from the Latin word salvare meaning "health", traditionally it was used in purification rituals by Native American Indians who believed the herb to be sacred and would use it to cleanse their homes and sacred spaces.


Enjoy the sacred benefits of White Sage with our Incan Incense Sticks.


Size: 12-14cm (long)- they are also very thick (approximately 1cm).


Burn Time: 120 minutes approximately


White Sage-Incan Incense

PriceFrom $5.50
  • If you wish to mix and match scents click this link to order

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