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As the butterfly transforms through stages, so do you in your quest to remember your essence. Layers upon layers shed off to reveal your magnificence which has been hidden for so long. The journey through this Metamorphosis may not always be easy but it needs to be honoured with reverance.


Metamorphosis is part of the The Sacred Series. This a unique and limited collection of handcrafted candles. These creations comprise of layers of different materials, such as paint, cloth, crystals etc. It is a slow creative process as they need time to set between layers. The actual candle making is carried out in a ceremonial way invoking healing energies as well as by using the sound vibration of music.


The Scent blend: Palo Santo + Juniper, Myrrh & Blue Lotus

How to use:

Use an incense or a smudge stick to cleanse the space Use the cloth provided as an Altar cloth. (Feel free to add crystals, feathers or to draw a design on your altar cloth). Set up your candle on your Altar.


Play the track provided in the background. Set your intention. Take a few deep breaths. Light your candle. Drop into meditation. 


The Music: 

To listen to the music click here




NOTEThe art on this candle uses natural,  non toxic materials and it's naturally sealed. Do not wash the outside of your jar. Once your candle is finished simply wipe the inside and use as a vase, as a planter or to hold make-up brushes etc. Alternatively you may return your jar to receive a discount of your next purchase

 © copyright 2022 - Dimitra Tzanos founder of Cosmic Sanctum Any illegal reproduction of this content and art work may result in immediate legal action


$120.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price

Candle Sale

  • 60hrs burn time

    100% soy

    Essential oils 

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