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Introducing our one-off candle collection, Ode to Women, which pays tribute to the strength and resolve of every woman.


Each candle in this unique collection is a celebration of the unique spirit of women, inspiring creativity and promoting relaxation.


The beautifully designed art candles are a perfect way to honor the women in your life and make a thoughtful and meaningful gift.


With scents that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, these candles create a soothing atmosphere for moments of self-care and reflection. 


Embarking on the path of inner healing and self-love can be a tender journey, gently guiding us through the depths of our being.


These sacred creations serve as gentle companions, inviting us to embrace our innate tenderness and gracefully release layers of shielding. They are loving tools, beckoning us to unravel the threads of past wounds and transform them into a radiant embrace of self-love.


Scent blend: Palo Santo, Lemon Myrtle & Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils)


How to use: 

Allow 10 to 15 minutes where you will not be disturbed. Cleanse your space with a smudge stick or incense (optional). 


Light your candle and play the suggested music in the background. Set your intention. Inhale deeply, allowing the breath to anchor you in the present moment.  Permit your intuition to become your compass, guiding you towards movement, dance, meditation, or the art of journaling, as deemed fitting by your inner wisdom.


The Music: 

To experience the music that goes with this candle click here.



NOTEThe art on this candle uses natural, nontoxic materials and it's naturally sealed. Do not wash the outside of your jar. Once your candle is finished simply wipe the inside and use it as a vase, as a planter, or to hold make-up brushes, etc. Alternatively, you may return your jar to receive a discount on your next purchase


© copyright 2024 - Dimitra Tzanos founder of Cosmic Sanctum Any illegal reproduction of this content and artwork will result in immediate legal action




Ode to Women

$69.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price

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  • 100% pure soy wax with eco-cotton wick

    48+hours burn time

    Scent100% pure essential oils

    Candle care: Visit our candle care page by clicking here

    Vegan friendly

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