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This unique painting transcends the conventional boundaries of art, seamlessly blending acrylic paints on wood with the ethereal essence of Myrrh, the grounding aroma of Palo Santo, and the mystic energy of raw crystals. Crafted through intuitive artistry, 'God's Eye' captures the essence of the unseen, inviting you to delve into a realm where creativity meets spirituality


The acrylic strokes dance harmoniously, guided by a higher intuition, while the infusion of Myrrh and Palo Santo adds a tactile dimension to the visual experience.


Embedded raw crystals serve as catalysts for positive energy, radiating their inherent power.


Open yourself in this tapestry of senses, where art becomes a sacred journey, inviting contemplation and connection with the divine. 'God's Eye' – not merely a painting, but a portal to a world where intuition and creativity intertwine.

Ojo de Dios - God's Eye

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